Second Councillor in a month defects to join the Greens

15 November 2018

A respected conservative councillor on Waveney District Council in Suffolk has defected and joined the Greens, only weeks after a prominent Labour Councillor also defected and joined the Greens in Dover.

Leader of the Oppostion defects to join the Greens in Dover

12 November 2018

The Leader of the Opposition on Dover District Council has joined the Green Party.

Green Councillor's anti-bypass campaign wins as plans are scrapped

12 November 2018

After four year's of campaigning, the Save Our Meadows group in Suffolk have won a victory as the County Council announces that they are shelving plans to build a bypass across the water meadows west of Sudbury.

Local Council's response to the Autumn Budget

05 November 2018

The Chancellor’s budget statement on Monday afternoon fails to tackle the urgent issues that are making life difficult for Shropshire’s residents

Popular Green Party petition will be heard by all parties and triggers Council debate

22 October 2018

Popular Green Party petition will be heard by all parties and triggers Council debate after thousands of Brighton and Hove residents signed a petition calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ on any Brexit deal.

First Green Town Councillor elected in North Wales

19 September 2018

Iolo Jones has just been elected as the first Green Town Councillor in North Wales in the town of Llanfairfechan. Congratulations Iolo!

Communities will be bypassed in race to allow ‘fast track fracking’ say Greens

17 September 2018

New Government proposals that would allow fracking companies to bypass Council planning approval must be opposed, say the Green Group of Councillors in Brighton and Hove.

What a difference a Green makes

13 August 2018

It's 100 days days since the local elections and a whole host of new Green Councillors were elected. One of those new councillors celebrates that success and describes what electing a Green means.

Single-use plastics - the final straw

19 July 2018

Green Councillors in Exeter gain unanimous support for motion banning the use of single-use plastics by the Council.

New AGC Coordinator

22 June 2018

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