There are over 750 principal authority green Councillors representing communities across England and Wales.

There are also over 400 Town and Parish green Councillors across England and Wales.

AGC Staff

Jennie Smith

AGC Coordinator

Jennie Smith is the AGC’s Councillor Resources and Support Coordinator working to support Green Councillors across England and Wales.

Julian Dean

Local Government Policy Adviser

Julian Dean is the AGC’s Senior Local Government Policy Adviser working to support and coordinator Green Councillors’ policy work in their councils.

AGC Board

The Association of Green Councillors elects a six member Board each year to represent councillors across England and Wales. They are able to co-opt additional members after the elections and select a Chair following the elections.

Cllr Johnny Denis


Lewes District Council & East Sussex County Council

Cllr David Francis

Vice Chair

South Tyneside Council

Cllr Amanda Onwuemene

Board member

Wirral Council

Cllr Andrew Cooper

Board member

Kirklees Council

Cllr Ben Foley

Board member and GPEW rep

Bedford Council

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