How To Subscribe

Are you a Green Principal Authority Councillor?

Join the AGC for advice, support and a collective voice

As a Green Party Councillor, the AGC is a valuable network of like-minded Green Councillors who can give you loads of advice, support and information to make your job as a councillor so much easier and more effective.  

And there’s loads of other FREE support and training also available to you 

Once you’ve paid your AGC subs, you will receive  

  • access to our online library of model documents, model motions and model press releases
  • access to our online networks where you can get advice and share tips with other Green Councillors
  • one to one advice and briefings from our Councillor Climate Action Support Officer.
  • invites to our regular online councillor networks where you can learn from what other councillors are doing, share approaches to the most pressing issues of the day and contribute your voice into national policy responses
  • access to free counselling, coaching and mentoring or we can fix you up with a Green Councillor buddy to give you some personal support
  • free entry to our annual AGC Conference – the highlight of our agc year! 

And all that for only £5 month  (£60 per year) for Principal Authority Councillor

Concessionary rate of £10 / year for PA councillors with an annual income of less than £20k 

Could you support councillors who aren’t able to afford the subscription?

If you are an experienced, confident councillor or are part of a supportive Green Group, then you’re in a very fortunate position. However, we think of the agc as being like union, which all councillors pay into to make sure that the support is there for those that need it. The AGC is almost totally funded through councillors’ subs so your subscription is vital to enable us to support other Green Councillors who may need the support more than you, or who may not be able to afford the standard rate of subscription 

If you feel able, we’d be delighted if you could pay at least £10 per month to help support other Green Councillors.

Not Principal Authority councillor?

You can still join the AGC or use the form below to give a one-off donation

If you’re a town, parish or community councillor, join the agc to make use of all the resources and networks described above – including our bi-monthly parish and town councillor network – and link up with over 400 other Green town, parish and community councillors 

If you’re a target candidate, join the AGC now so that you will have all your support networks in place and can hit the ground running when you get elected 

If you’re a local Party Activist or Officer, join the AGC to access information and resources that you can use to support your Green Councillor colleagues. 

The AGC aims to make sure all our Green Councillors are supported to be as effective as they can be. But we can only do what we do with the support of people like you.  

The annual subscription rate for anyone who is not a Principal Authority Councillor is only £10 / year – although you’re welcome to pay more if you feel you can afford it to support other Green Councillors

If you’d prefer not to join the AGC but just give a one-off donation, then that’s also appreciated. Just tick to say you don’t want t be added in to email updates.

Thank you for your support.

Is it worth it?

Well, lots of other green councillors think so!

Here’s what they said they get from the AGC: 

  • “A safe space to ask questions and the only place you can get real understanding and support.”
  • “Whatever hell you’re going through, someone on the AGC has been there before & can advise.”
  • “I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge provided by AGC and that helps me be a better Councillor.”
  • “A goldmine of information when you’re dealing with an issue for the first time.”
  • “The AGC is about being with the people who have your back.”
  • “Because meeting other fellow councillors helps you reconnect to what you’re doing.”
  • “It’s an amazing support network, full of interesting, talented and committed people.”
  • “Moral support when things get tough.”
  • Answers to any councillor questions you can think of and an incredible support network!
  • “Great briefings on topics you definitely care about!”
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