Join the AGC

The Association of Green Councillors exists to support elected Green Party councillors at all levels of government and to foster, encourage and advise aspiring councillors.

Elected councillors automatically receive membership of the AGC upon election and can then attend the Annual Conference and vote at the AGM and for AGC reps.

There is a subscription charge for our Support Services which enables members to receive a range of benefits including advice, guidance, mentoring. discounted training/conference fees and access to our online resources (see table below).

Membership categories

Paying a subscription to the AGC gives you access to a wealth of resources. You can view some of those benefits in the table below.

Benefits All GPEW Councillors (automatic membership) Unelected GPEW Members Parish / Town / Community GPEW Councillors Principal authority councillors, Mayors and Parliamentarians

Annual cost

Free £10 £10 See costs below

Information and networking

  • Invite to annual conference, AGM and regular online meetings
  • Regular newsletter
  • Information and resources from Climate support officer
Yes Yes Yes Yes


  • Can vote at AGM and for AGC reps on Green Party Committees
Yes No Yes Y


  • Can nominate AGC subscribed members to stand for election as reps on committees
  • Can stand as an AGC rep on a committee
No Yes Yes Yes


  • Free place at AGC Annual conference
  • Access to support - buddies, pentors and professional coaching and counselling
  • Access to online discussion forums
  • Access to resources including model motions, briefings and guidance documents
  • Funding for learning and development (if no other options e.g. through local party or council unavailable)
No Yes Yes Yes

In recognition of the fact that many councillors have given up paid work in order to give time to being a councillor, principal authority councillors (district, county, unitary, Welsh Regional Assembly, LGA and London Borough councillors) are charged on a sliding scale based on their overall income.

Total annual income Annual subscription

Councillor with total annual income (incl. councillor allowance) of £20,001 - £50,000 £60 (£5/month)

Concession - for those on lower incomes
Councillor with total annual income (incl. councillor allowance) up to £20,000 or councillor outside of England and Wales £10

Generous - for those who can afford to support other councillors
Councillor with total annual income (incl. councillor allowance) of above £50,001 £120(£10/month)

How to pay

To subscribe to the AGC, please complete the form below.

Alternatively, you can:

  • set up a monthly or annual standing order using the standing order form. (please inform our Treasurer you have done this - see contact details below)


  • make a bank transfer using the bank details in the Standing Order form above (please inform our Treasurer you have done this - see contact details below)


  • send a cheque, payable to the Association of Green Councillors, to Huw Oliver (AGC Treasurer), Greystones, Butterow Lane, Stroud, GL5 2LU