How to be an effective Green Party Councillor

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Being a Green Councillor isn’t easy, particularly if you’re the only Green on your Council. The AGC Guide to being an effective Green Party Councillor can help you to hit the ground running and make life easier for you.  

This manual provides a valuable introduction for all new Green Councillors and target candidates into how the Council works, who’s who, and how to get things done.  Whilst aimed mainly at councillors who are in Opposition, it’s a useful resource for all newly elected councillors even if their Green Group is part of the ruling Administration. 

Bringing together years of experience of what has worked for other Green Councillors, this manual will help you make the best use your limited time, understand the powers and processes available to you and enable you to be as effective as you can be. 

This is a reference, coffee table book, not a one-read guide.  It contains examples of council committee papers to help you navigate your way through them; an explanation of who’s who and how councils are structured as well as a summary of the different elements of the role of a councillor to help you reflect on where your personal strengths and interests lie and hence where you might want to focus your efforts. 

It is available only to members of the Green Party. The cost via the Stripe form below is £8.50 including postage and packing.

If you want to order more than 1 copy, please enter the appropriate payment (multiple of £8.50) in amount box and confirm how many you want by emailing

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