How to Win Local Elections


Virtually all of our recently elected councillors would not have been elected without the guidance of this 250 page manual.

It is a vital guide whether you are new to election campaigning or have been campaigning for ages and wondering why you are not getting anywhere. The guide was commissioned by The Green Party and written by four experienced strategists, who themselves consulted dozens of elected Greens and the latest research to cull exactly how to conduct an election campaign.

This is a reference, coffee table book, not a one–read guide. It contains template election newsletters and leaflets and scripts for canvassing, as well as advice on choosing target candidates and target wards, sample questionnaires for door to door surveys. Everything you need for a proper target to win campaign.

It is available only to members of the Green Party.

If you want to order more than 1 copy, please enter the appropriate payment (multiple of £21) in amount box and confirm how many you want by emailing

If you want the manual posting overseas, please email first to check the cost of postage and we will let you know how much you need to pay.

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