Green councillors call on Michael Gove to properly fund local services

Green councillors in ruling administrations in England and Wales have written to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, [1] calling on him “to ensure proper funding of local services and… sound policy that works for people, not profit.”

The Green cabinet members and committee chairs who have signed the letter have called for a three-year funding settlement, an increase in all council budgets in line with inflation, an increase in investment for retrofitting homes and in services for the most vulnerable, particularly adult and child social care.

In the letter, the councillors say: “It makes no financial sense to cut local government funding to the point where they can no longer deliver even basic services.”

They urge Mr Gove to “join local government in working to protect the most vulnerable and build resilient, joyful communities, so we can serve our communities in the way they deserve and give them hope for the future.”

Co-leader of the Green Party, Carla Denyer, who is a councillor in Bristol, said:

“Councils are at breaking point. Several, including Tory controlled Councils, are on the verge of bankruptcy. Michael Gove must listen, not just to the strong chorus from Councils run by opposition parties, but also to Tory councillors.

“The Conservative head of the Local Government Association has said: ‘the numbers just do not add up,’ and added: ‘We desperately need to protect budgets and services from the impact of inflation, without which there will be real service cuts to some of the most vulnerable in our communities.’ [2].

“As councillors, we work hard to build communities that are fairer, greener and healthier. We work to support local businesses, deliver vital services and protect and improve local environments.

“In order to do so effectively, councils need a guarantee from Michael Gove that we will receive an increase in all council budgets in line with inflation and a three-year funding settlement.

“We need that funding certainty so we can increase investment in adult and child social care. We need it to fund the insulation of our homes to make them warmer and cheaper for residents to run.

“If Michael Gove is really committed to levelling up, to decent housing and building strong communities, he must listen to councils and act.”


[1] Letter attached (pdf)



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