Lib Dem councillors joins Greens to better support residents and fight climate crisis.

Natalie Hume, a recently elected Lib Dem district Councillor for Loxwood, has joined the Green Party and will continue to represent residents as a Green Councillor.
 Chichester councillors
Natalie was one of many newly elected Councillors in May 2019, and will now be joining Sarah Sharp and Heather Barrie, the other two Green Councillors at Chichester District.
Since being elected, Sarah and Heather have worked hard to represent residents on seven separate Committees and Panels and to hold the Council to account on its Local Plan, notably making sure it meets its sustainable travel commitments. Sarah is actively investigating residents’ concerns with a local factory.
Natalie, now a Green Councillor for Loxwood, says “In my role as district councillor I am focused on protecting our local area,which involves mitigating the impact of climate change and otherenvironmental crises. I stood as a Liberal Democrat in support of another candidate, and did not campaign actively on my own behalf. Now that I have been elected, I am committed to representing the ward with integrity and clarity, in keeping with my personal values. I feel my voice for Loxwood will be strongest and most effective from within the Green Party.”
City and District Green Councillor Sarah Sharp says, ‘The Green Party is growing locally and nationally and we welcome Natalie to the Green Party. Together we can continue to work hard for local residents and stand up on issues that matter most to residents.’
As of today, 26 July 2019, the Green Party now has a total of three members on the District Council.


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