Green councillors are making waves

Since May,the Green Party experienced unprecedented electoral success with over 170 gains in the local elections and a gain of 4 additional MEPs in the European election.

This means we now have 362 councillors and 7 MEPs to go along with our fantastic MP, member of the House of Lords and 2 London Assembly Members.

These Greens that you have elected over the years are all working hard to make a huge difference to their local community, this country and all across Europe: here are some of their most impressive recent successes.

In the London Assembly, Caroline Russell proposed a motion to end the use of harmful pesticides which are linked to causing cancer and it was passed unanimously.

Green Party co-leader, Siân Berry appeared for the first time on BBC Question Time and called out the Brexit Party for their actions upon entering European Parliament.

In Parliament, Caroline Lucas spoke on the need to move away from measuring growth and GDP and focus on human wellbeing and environmental health.

And Stroud District Councillor, and chair of the council’s Environment Committee, Simon Pickering spoke to the Guardian about how they will implement their plans to become carbon-neutral by 2030. This work will lead the way for other Greens to create climate emergency action plans in other councils.

These are just a few of the amazing things Greens have achieved in the past few weeks.


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