Best ever local election results for Greens

This week the agc is welcoming a doubling of its membership after the best ever result in local elections for the Green Party. In total we saw a net gain of 194 council seats and we now have a record number of 359 councillors on a record 120 councils in England and Wales.

We have won in all demographics in all of the English regions, and have built on what were strong results last time these seats were contested in 2015.

Our three biggest council winners were Brighton, who now have 19 seats, Solihull who’ve moved up to 14 councillors (including an 84% Green vote in one ward) and Mid Suffolk where we doubled our representation to 12.

But the particular excitement is that many of our wins have been in new territory for the Green Party in places like Darlington, North Devon, Carlisle and Colchester. We have representation on over 50 new councils. That’s 50 more towns, cities and districts that have a Green in the room changing the debate and changing the focus of their councils. And where Greens get a foot in the door with one council seat, we keep on growing in the future.

After a well-deserved rest this weekend, Greens will be back working on our European Elections campaign.


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