Triple success for Green councillors in Trafford

Trafford Green councillors had triple success at the Full Council meeting on Wed 20th March. Despite the political balance of the Council being on a knife-edge (Lab 28, Cons 28, LD 2 Greens 2), the hard work and preparation of the Greens paid off with three great victories at the last council meeting of the year.

The Party’s youngest member, Eleanor 13, successfully spoke at council after producing a 600 signed petition which also had the backing of Green Party Leader, Jonathan Bartley – this secured 130k to revamp a dangerous crossing and make it safe for schoolchildren, churchgoers and local people.

Cllr Jerrome then submitted a motion to ban Glyphosate Weed Killer from all Trafford Council operations within one year which was passed unanimously and trials of biodegradable alternatives have already started.

Finaly, a successful last-minute Green ammendment to a Conservative motion about the Greater Manchester Spatial Plan linked this housing programme to the Party’s climate change targets and will protecte the green belt and green spaces within Trafford.

The meeting was a triumph for the difference having ‘Greens in the Room’ can make. Their careful preparation, coherent and well thought through arguments and hard work behind the scenes with other parties, resulted in their success on the night. This was a great night for Trafford Greens who really did the Green Party proud.


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