First Syrian families settle in St Albans after Green councillor initiative

Syrian refugees play

Three Syrian refugee families are settling into new homes in Hertfordshire a year after Green councillor Simon Grover jolted his council into doing something.

The two familes are living in housing that was offered to the Council by a housing association and are being supported by the Refugee Council, amongst others. They have come direct from Syrian camps and were identified by the UN as being in particular need.

Simon last year persuaded the Council to use a funded government scheme to house a small number of refugees each year. His motion received unanimous cross-party support and since then the idea has spread across Hertfordshire so now dozens of desperate families will be helped.

“I count this my proudest achievement as a councillor” said Simon who has been a St Albans District councillor for five years.

He said: “It’s fantastic news that two homes have been found in the district, and will be repaired to bring them up to standard. We’re committed to helping about 10 people a year for the next five years.

“It’s not much compared to the size of the problem in Syria, but if every council did what we’re doing, we’d make a significant difference. People on the housing list in St Albans won’t be adversely affected as we’re not using council houses for this project.”

His initiative was inspired by an earlier move by Green councillors in Malvern Hills.


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