What a difference a Green makes

13 August 2018

Today marks 100 days since the local elections and a whole host of new Green Councillors were elected. 

I’m one of those new councillors and I want to celebrate that success and let you know what electing a Green means.

On May 3rd  this year the Green Party elected a record number of councillors on a record number of councils. 20 new Greens took the nationwide total to 175 across 68 councils. 

Electing a Green means we can really stand up for local communities, we can end one party states and we can provide scrutiny and accountability at a local level. 

We’ve seen successes already -  and we can only build on these successes going forward.

So far we have:

•    Passed a motion to phase out ‘single-use plastics’
•    Pledged to campaign to fill empty homes and tackle local housing crisis
•    Campaigned to get resident ballots on estate demotlions

These demonstrate just a portion of the impact we can have at a local level. 

One Green councillor can change everything.

I’m proud of all our Green councillors and I hope you are as well. Together we can achieve great things.

Kind regards,

Cllr Becca Thackray

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