Donate to the Assocation of Green Councillors

Do you want to see more Green councillors elected? Do your personal circumstances mean you are unable to become a councillor yourself? Why not donate to the Assocation of Green Councillors (AGC).

The AGC's role, mandated by the Green Party of England and Wales, is to help elect more Green councillors as well as support existing ones.

Membership of the AGC has been expanding, as is the advice and resources it is providing to members. But our growth means we have reached a point where we need to invest in an extra staff member in order to keep adequately supporting our growing number of councillors and aspiring councillors.  All we have achieved so far has been done without a penny from the Green Party of England and Wales and we are totally reliant on contributions from our members.

Once we have extra staff in place, we are convinced we can generate further income by encouraging more activists to join, more to renew their membership and each member to contribute more, which in turn means we have a more efficient machine for electing and supporting Green councillors.


So please give as much or as little as you can using the Paypal button below. If one in ten of Green Party members gave £10 a year, we would be roughly £50,000 better off.