About us

The Association of Green Councillors (AGC) is an independent and autonomous network of over 400 elected Green Party Councillors from every level of local government -  including 177 elected members of principal authorities listed here.  

The AGC exists to provide support to Green Party Councillors at every level of government as well as to those aspiring to become elected.

- Support and guidance on any matter relating to being a Councillor (be it policy, budget, casework or elections advice, help to deal with bullying from other parties/Councillors, information and ideas on how Councils work and how to be as influential as possible in your role and much more). If we can’t help you, we can signpost to someone who can.

- Year-round tips, news, training opportunities, ideas and more via our email lists (see below).
- A yearly conference with a range of useful and relevant sessions and a chance to meet with other Green Councillors, in addition to a get-together at every Green Party Conference.
- A range of publications ranging from elections advice to how to survive and thrive as a new Councillor.
- A network of mentors for new/inexperienced Councillors
- Well used email lists for parish/town councillors, and another for principal authority councillors
- A discussion forum

We also represent the interests of Green Party Councillors within the Green Party and to the Local Government Association and facilitate the input of elected Green Councillors' expertise and skills into their work - and into other arenas - especially regarding Green Party policy development and its practical implementation by local authorities.

All elected councillors automatically have free membership of the AGC although an annual subscription is required to access the support services.

Membership of the AGC is also open to any other Green Party members, whether they are an ex- councillor, an aspiring councillor or asomeone who wishes to support local councillors in their work.  There are currently over 250 non-elected members of the Green Party subscribed to the AGC. If you would like to subscribe to access support from the AGC, click here.